Knowledge e-learning FAQs

We at eGain get a number of different questions about Knowledge and what sort of resources we provide to users outside of the application itself, including training. To help clear the air, we’ve gathered a few common questions we get about online training for Knowledge eGain has made available.

Q. Is there any knowledge training that I can take online?

A. Yes, we have an array of Knowledge training material available on our learning platform, eGain University. The material ranges from high-level overviews on how to prepare, organize, and distribute knowledge to in-depth, step-by-step courses that go through how to author your material in the eGain Knowledge Console.

Q. How do I sign up for this training?

A. Signing up is easy! Just head to and click the Register option if you don’t already have an eGain University account. If you do and you have trouble signing in, send an email to and one of the team will assist you in signing in. Upon signing, you can enroll in our Knowledge Academy learning paths to get a broader understanding of the power of Knowledge and AI. Upon completion of each learning path, you’ll receive your certificate to recognize your accomplishment.

Q. Do I need to have access to an eGain system to be able to complete Knowledge Academy?

A. The first Tier of Knowledge Academy does not require that you have access to an eGain system and we recommend it for anyone with a cursory interest in Knowledge. Tiers II & III of the Knowledge Academy do require tasks to be performed within the eGain Knowledge Console in order to complete the final projects, however, there are still some high-level overview courses that cover details around Knowledge and AI that are worth a viewing.

Q. Do I need someone to enroll me in these courses on eGain University?

A. eGain University is designed to allow users to follow the training at their own pace, so all of these courses and learning paths have self-enrollment links to let you get started. Again, if you ever get lost or want help, reach out to

Q. Are there any courses for Generative AI and AssistGPT?

A. We currently have courses that discuss the benefits and uses of Generative AI in the Knowledge Academy, with additional courses on how to use it within the eGain AI Console. More courses are coming soon!

These are just a few questions and answers regarding eGain Knowledge online training. If you have any of your own questions, feel free to add to this post here!

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