Introducing New Instant Answers Reports

Instant Answers harnesses the power of AI to discern user intent from search queries and direct them to the most relevant content. Unlike traditional searches, it extracts specific information from articles (known as Extractive Instant Answers), sparing users from sifting through entire documents. Additionally, it can also generate responses tailored from multiple sources which are known as Generative Instant Answers.

To assess Instant Answers’ efficacy in delivering valuable content, the following reports are available:

  • The Instant Answers Effectiveness by Portal report provides insights into overall trends across specific portals.
  • The Instant Answers Effectiveness by Search Phrase report unveils the top search phrases and helps you to understand what questions are users asking and identify which questions are served or not served by Instant Answers.
  • The Instant Answers Source Articles report reveals the articles most frequently referenced by Instant Answers, aiding in content optimization.

You can find all these reports under the following path in the Analytics Console: Reports > AI Reports > {interval}.

Also please note that the following capabilities although related to Instant Answers are reported separately:

  • Semantic Suggestions use AI to offer article recommendations as users type their search queries. Their effectiveness is tracked in the Search Optimization Reports.
  • When Instant Answers reference source articles, hyperlinks to these articles are provided for users to explore further. The utilization of this feature is evaluated in the Article Access by Search Report.

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