AssistGPT Prompt Template Options

What does ‘Use For’, ‘Display At’ and ’ Applies to’ mean in the prompt template and what are the possible options? Can you select multiple options for each field?

The options ‘Use For’, ‘Display in’, and ‘Applies to’ in the prompt template provide flexibility for AI authors or AI admins to define where a specific prompt template should be displayed.

  • Use for: This field specifies which console the prompt template will be shown in. Currently, the options are ‘Knowledge’ or ‘Advisor Desktop’.
  • Applies to: This field indicates the specific area within the selected console where the prompt template should be displayed. For example, in ‘Advisor Desktop’, it can be either the email or chat area.
  • Display in: This is a sub-field of ‘Applies to’. It will contain a default value based on ‘Applies to’, but you can select multiple options if you want the same prompt to be displayed in various locations within that area. For example, in the ‘Knowledge’ console, within the ‘Article area’, a prompt can be configured to appear only at the AssistGPT icon at the top of the content area, or you can also configure it to be displayed both in the content area and also in the list of prompts in the metadata area.
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