Chat auto-Answer/Accept on ECE 12.5 and PCCE 12.5

Hi Egain team,
My customer is using ECE 12.5 and would like to have an auto-answer/accept of the chat whenever it is push to an agent. Anyway to do that ?


Hi Hugo,

When agent selects a chat activity, there is a message displayed, “you are now chatting with <agent>”. This message text in chat template can be edited, in case you want to add a more generic message.

Please note that it will be sent only when agent selects the activity, not when activity is pushed to agent.

Hope that helps.


Hi Abhinav,

Thanks a lot for your reply and sorry for not seeing it before.

Our customer was more looking to auto-answer the chat (similar to the auto-answer call feature that they are using). In you scenario, there is this a manual step to access the activity which impacts their SLA.

Hi Hugo,

What you are looking for is a function of virtual assistance. Someone from eGain will connect you privately about this. Thanks!