eGain APIs for v17 knowledgebase

I have been trying to use the APIs available on API Overview ( to access the knowledgebase articles from another application, but I keep getting an authentication error.


The sandbox login credentials can be found at

Since the portal is loading fine for me, can you please share a screenshot of error and link of the page where you are seeing the error?
This will help us address the issue faster.

Thank you!


The sandbox works fine for me as well. I was experiencing an issue when I tested the api on my production environment.


C2 - Safaricom Internal

Got it, thanks for the clarification!

Since this looks like there might be an issue specific to your API credential, please raise a support ticket with API path details so that our team can reach out to you and resolve the issue faster.

Support ticket can be raised on support portal (login needed) or on this page (using support PIN).

Your Company’s eGain contact will have support portal login credential or support PIN.

Thank you!