Feedback Option in Silver Template

Why does the Feedback option in the Silver template go to the same page as Make a Suggestion? With the older template, the article number and name were added to the feedback comments to make it easier to know what article the user is making comments on.

We have a custom template that was based on older templates that has a separate Feedback page that does this. I want to update to use a customized version of the Silver template, but there is no Feedback page. Was this just an oversight? Can the Feedback page be added to the Silver template?


(Copied on behalf of Tom Evans from the older community)

The particular behavior you want to see was a customization, which is why you don’t see it now.

Usually, when an agent or customer provides feedback on a article, that information is stored in the suggestion as a related article. See the attachment, saved_suggestion_for_author.

The expert shares that this is because it was more important that the author reviewing the suggestion be aware of that relationship (see the Articles tab in the same saved_suggestion_for_author image).

As of now, the article ID or title is not displayed to the submitter in the portal (see the attached screenshot suggestion.png), like you said. I will submit this as an enhancement request to the PMs.