Portal Theme Style/CSS during article Authoring

Is there a way to for lack of a better description to attach the portal CSS stylesheet or theme to the author console editor in author mode? I’d like to define HTML tag styles on the portal style that the authors will see when writing new articles. We want authors to use the globals defined styles rather then manually applying them.

Hi Tom, someone from Products will get back to you on your query.

Hi Tom, I was on leave and the response kept waiting in my inbox to be passed along. Sorry about the delay.

The SME has said: Yes we can do that – by creating a macro article that contains the stylesheet definition. A new article template can then be created to include this macro article.
Any new article can then be derived from this article template. However the stylesheet may not reflect in the knowledge console, but in the portal view (this needs to be tested).

When creating a macro article that contains the stylesheet definition, the CSS definition should be added explicitly in the source tab of the article.


Thank you for the response. That’s a great way to get the CSS in the articles, but I was hoping there was a way to sync, link or just display the portal CSS in the editor console for more of a WYSIWYG experience and with the intent of going forward reducing some of the cluttered HTML due to nested span tags. I know there is the strip formatting and paste Word HTML etc. but just a curiosity.


Hi Tom, I need to qualify this statement by mentioning that it was meant for the old knowledge console.

The SME agrees it would be a good capability and it is on the roadmap, but there is no time frame decided for it that I can share with you.

Thank you for following up.

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