Editing Built-In Article Types

Is there any way to edit built-in article types such as the ‘Topic Home’ article type? Eg. To change the settings for ‘Include in search on portals’ or ‘Include in browse on portals’? Or would editing these settings require a backend change?

Response from the expert:

Except for the Guidance article type, whether articles with the OOTB articles appear in search results or when browsing topics is not configurable, and that is by design.

BTW, if we were going to make the content of a Topic Home article searchable, we would change the value of the ‘Include in search on portals’ attribute to ‘Yes’, but it would still not be configurable, and we would add something like ‘Topic Home Content’ to the available attributes of the ‘Searchable Attributes’ for a portal. The portal setting would determine in the Topic Home article content was included in the search index and considered when performing a search.

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Thank you for the response! This helps a lot.

Is there a specific reason we do not let Topic Home articles appear in search results? Would it be disruptive to the system in any way? What would be the impact of enabling those articles in searches?

Here’s a follow up response from the expert

Making the content of Topic Home articles searchable is on the roadmap. It was not included when Topic Home articles were introduced due to time constraints, and since most customers generally do not want to see topics in their search results, there has not been much urgency to implement this functionality.

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