Permissions Scratchpad in Advisor Desktop

Our users are able to create and edit Scratchpads, but they are not able to delete.
I guess it is permissions but I am not able to find out where to change this. Can anyone help guide me?

When opening the Scratchpad and seeing all you notes, you can delete by pressing the far right icon.
Se image,


Yes, Me, you and some other have that possibility. But agents are not allowed.
I am not able to find permissions for this.

I have just checked with a few agents, and they have the possibility to make new notes and delete them again, by using this button.

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Hi there! I looked in all the User Guides and don’t see any permissions for the Scratchpad Notes. There is a way to Enable/Disable the Scratchpad, but nothing for the individual Notes inside it. Would you please share a screen shot of the Notes List inside the Scratchpad? Here is what it looks like for me:

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Hi Trude, it seems to be working for others. Please file a support ticket so that it can be looked at. Thanks!

We already raised a ticket on Nov. 25th

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Trude, I was told that this is now resolved. Do let me know if you find any gaps. Thanks!