Activities on Social Media Channels

Hello eGain Support Team,

Please we will like to know if it’s possible to Transfer Activities on Social Media Channels (e.g. FB Post, Twitter Post, Instagram Post, etc) as well as chats (e.g. Facebook DMs, WhatsApp, etc.) to other Departments? If Yes, kindly guide.

I could see for emails in your guide by enabling and setting up the transfer workflow.
Will really appreciate a swift feedback. Thanks

The SME says transfer of social media public activities is not supported.

For Chat support, @Arvind Jain](, could you confirm? Thanks!

Thanks, Arvind.

Patrick, Arvind has said, yes, Messaging chat (i.e., Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) supports department transfer.

Hello Shalini,

Thanks for the feedback. First when department is selected after choosing the transfer button, no department is displayed even after sharing the departments. Are there other settings required to make other departments visible? Please will appreciate your swift feedback. Thanks.

Message from the SME: We need department sharing for department transfer. If department list is not visible then we have to debug it to find the root cause. Can you connect with the support team for further assistance? Thanks.