Analytics with Advisor Desktop

Hi Support Team,

The performance report on Advisor Desktop doesn’t say much. Please is it possible to link Analytics with Advisor Desktop? Such that each agent will be able to view their personal assessment e.g. How much activities was treated and pending, SLA and more on the agent’s work for that day.


In the upcoming eGain Release 21, the Advisor Desktop will include a new option “My Analytics” which will ultimately replace “My Reports” (although they will be available side-by-side for a period of time for upgrading customers).

My Analytics allows the agent to run Analytics reports about themselves. The data will be richer than My Reports, although it may not include everything on your list. Note that both Analytics and the base eGain application must be upgraded to Release 21 before this feature becomes available.

The included reports will be:

Agent Login Summary Report

  • Logins
  • Login duration
  • % of time spent available (per channel)
  • % of time spent active/working (per activity type)
  • % of time spent idle (logged in but not working on any activity)
  • Logouts
  • Idle timeouts
  • System timeouts
  • Drill-through to list of sessions with session start and end times

Agent Work Summary Report

  • Login duration
  • Chats serviced, handled, completed
  • Email manual replies, compose sent
  • Emails handled, completed
  • Social replies, replies with follow-up, compose sent
  • Social completed
  • Call Tracks created, handled, completed
  • Tasks created, handled, completed

Agent Efficiency by Channel Report

  • Login duration
  • Chats handled, chat AHT, chats per hour
  • Emails handled, email AHT, handled per hour
  • Call Tracks handled, call track AHT, handled per hour
  • Cases solved
  • Average case resolution time (per case solved)

Agent Responsiveness by Channel Report

  • Login duration
  • Chat auto-pushback
  • Chats abandoned, average wait abandon time
  • Chats serviced, average wait service time
  • Email first manual replies, average FMR time
  • % FMR met SLA
  • Social replies, social replies with follow-up, average reply time
  • % social replies met SLA

Activity Assignment by Agent Report

Per activity type:

  • Activities assigned - by push, pull, xfer in
  • Activities unassigned - auto-pushback, workflow xfer out, pulled from user
  • Transfers by the agent - manual xfer back (to the original queue), manual xfer to another queue, manual xfer to a department, manual xfer to a user.

Hello Matthew,

Thanks for the feedback. will it have customization features like we have in Analytics?


The Analytics reports that agents will have access to are fixed reports. They will not be customizable.

Hello Matthew,