Introducing New AssistGPT Reports

AssistGPT offers AI-powered support and automation for various tasks carried out by agents and knowledge authors. For agents, this entails tasks such as classifying activities and condensing chat conversations. Authors, on the other hand, benefit from functionalities like enhancing article readability and optimizing article metadata for easy searchability. The introduction of AssistGPT capabilities for agents and authors called for the necessity of AssistGPT Reports which are now used to capture the adoption and usefulness of AssistGPT. Before going into detail about the different reporters, let’s understand how is AssistGPT used.

How Does Analytics Register AssistGPT Prompts Usage?

AssistGPT prompt usage involves the following steps, each of which is tracked by analytics metrics to provide insights into user interactions:

  1. Prompt Selection: Users choose prompts from the AssistGPT menu by clicking, or prompts auto-execute when specific actions are taken. Analytics treats auto-executed prompts like manual selections.
  2. Prompt Dialog Interaction: After selection, a dialog opens for inputting parameters. Users click Generate to start or close the dialog to opt-out which is recorded as “Abandon” by Analytics. Auto-executed prompts skip this step.
  3. Execution and Output Review: The prompt generates output for review. You can:
  4. Close the dialog without using the output which is recorded as “Abandon” by Analytics.
  5. Click Regenerate for a new attempt which is labeled as a “Regeneration request."
  6. Manually edit the output with actions like Add, Insert, or Replace, which are counted by Analytics as “Used.”
  7. If Insert or Replace is chosen, the dialog closes automatically and the event is not registered as an “Abandon.”
  8. Output Evaluation: AssistGPT compares the generated and used output. A 100% match is regarded as “Unedited,” otherwise, it is counted as “Edited.”

Understanding this user journey and analytics enables a thorough evaluation of AssistGPT usage, driving ongoing enhancements and user satisfaction.

Without much ado, let’s look at the new out-of-the-box AssistGPT reports which are as follows:

  1. The AssistGPT Adoption by Department report provides insights into overall trends.
  2. The AssistGPT Adoption by User report enables users to identify who has utilized AssistGPT most effectively.
  3. The AssistGPT Effectiveness by Prompt report allows for measuring and comparing the performance of specific prompts.
  4. The AssistGPT Usage by Article report helps identify articles that have benefited from AssistGPT.
  5. The AssistGPT Usage by Queue report identifies the queues where agents have utilized AssistGPT.

You can find all these reports under the following path in the Analytics Console: Reports > AI Reports > {interval}.

We hope you found this information useful! If you have any questions, please reach out on eGain Community.