Assist GPT Features/Functions

  1. Looking to understand what is the criteria for when certain Assist GPT features can be ran without receiving an error that an article or content is too long.
  2. What is the process to only run an Assist GPT function on a selection of content within an article.

To run AssistGPT functions on specific content within an article, simply select the desired content and click on the AssistGPT icon. Then choose the relevant prompt, such as ‘Change Tone.’ This will apply the chosen action only to the selected content, allowing for precise and targeted modifications.

Regarding the criteria for running AssistGPT features without encountering errors due to content length, it’s important to note that our system is designed to handle substantial amounts of text. However, for optimal performance, keeping your inputs concise can be beneficial. We’re continuously enhancing our capabilities and will soon be able to handle even larger amounts of content, making the process smoother and more efficient.