Botmaster: Licensing Question


Here are a couple of questions raised by Customer regarding Botmaster.

Does Botmaster need a separate license? Kindly advise if anyone with botmaster analyst role and KB + AI license should be able to use botmaster.

Are there are any industry standards for monitoring and/or reviewing the Botmaster type data? (Initial thought was to recommend monitoring data like Abandoned Sessions/Self Served Sessions and negative sentiment in the interactions). However, please advise if there are any specific standards we need to recommend to Customer.

Thank you,


1). For the first question, Botmaster does not need a separate license besides the ones mentioned below. However, there are some minor limitations to what each Botmaster role can do within the console (i.e. download training data, review transcripts, etc).

2). The items noted above are important, but would also include Low/Medium confidence results, as well as the number of “None” intent hits. The inputs leading to a “None” intent may clue the customer into which issues could be covered in the future by the VA, while the low/medium confidences will help to review which intents in the classifier need to be added to to improve the classifier performance.

Thank you Alex for the detailed explanation!