Escaping unsupported characters in custom attributes

We are using eGain APIs to create new activities and send some information in custom attributes related to that activity as well. However, we did find that there are some unsupported characters such as + or ! for example. And if such characters are present, how can we get API request to simply escape that and just go ahead with the request instead of throwing an error?

Hi Veerendra, I will run this by eGain API experts and post their response. Thank you!

Hi Veerendra, thanks for your feedback. We have consulted with our teams internally and concluded that we can support this request with some caveats (angled brackets and forward slashes excluded). We have some more investigation to do on downstream impact, but will look to add this extended functionality on our roadmap.

Hi Varun, thanks for looking into potentially adding it to roadmap. However, we would like to achieve it ourselves now from our code and we could not even with trying. How could you support our developers on this?

Sorry Veerendra, our SME informed that it’ll need some backend changes on our end too. We have added this as a feature request.