Custom components gadgets or html

Not sure if this is the right place for this question… where can I learn more about implementing custom components for display/usage in ExperienceStudio or as a a display in an article? I understand why this type og thing my be discouraged since this isn’t an Angular troubleshooting forum but I keep hitting brick walls when trying to customize or show fairly common things like the current date.

I get the impression I’m looking in the wrong spots so if there is a specific forum for extending eGain or building add-on can someone direct me to it? :blush:


If you are trying to show additional data about an object in an existing component through Experience Studio, then you can refer to ‘How to: Add Custom Data Attributes’ video on the welcome page of Experience Studio. There are other videos on that page that explain other kinds of customizations as well. But please note that Experience Studio doesn’t allow enhancements that do require javascript changes.

For enhancements that require javascript changes, for example adding a new custom component, you would need to customize the templates manually.
To add a custom component in the customized Knowledge templates, specify the new custom component in the ‘allComponents’ section in ‘template.json’ file of the templates. Then proceed to create custom HTML, Javascript, CSS, l10n, images etc. as per your need following the instructions in Portal Template Customization Guide. The custom Javascript can also include other angularjs entity like directive, factory, services etc. in addition to the code for controller of the custom component.

Yup. Got it now. thank you @agoyal
This explains why I’ve been running into so many problems… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Templates that include custom code developed by non-eGain personnel cannot be deployed and hosted on eGain Cloud.

But I just want to add ONE component… I’ll try manually submitting.

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