How is egain Knowledge Hub different from Pega Knowledge and ServiceNow Knowledge module?

I am looking to identify the key differentiating features of egain Knowledge Hub other platforms providing knowledge services to better position and align with my organization’s business requirements. Kindly share the USP of eGain KH with respect to other such tools available in the market.

Comparison tables tend to get outdated and inaccurate fairly quickly, especially in areas like knowledge where technology is moving at at fast pace. At a very high level, our approach to enterprise knowledge (The eGain Knowledge Hub), our capabilities including Generative AI, Content Management, Compliance, Guidance, Publishing, etc., our breadth or experience with AI technologies including Generative AI (we have been doing AI for over 20 years), our composable architecture with the ability to connect to enterprise systems and build rich journeys using capabilities already in the enterprise, and our unique way of delivering the solution and ensuring its success are all key differentiators

This question however might be best suited for a discussion. Let me ask the CSM to connect with you.

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