Remove Java 8 from Services server

One of our services servers was identified as having both Java 8 Update 241 (64-bit) and Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 241 (64-bit) installed. Is there any reason this needs to be installed on this server?

This is installed on only one of the “Services” servers (D2PUCC1ECSB001), the “B” side services server, not on the “A” side services server.

I see an Item under “Software for Other User Desktops” that mentions “Java runtime environment”:
Oracle JRE 1.8.0 (update 66 or higher) This is required only to administer workflows from the Administration Console. I wonder if this explains the above installed on the Services server. Can we safely remove this without impact?

ECE installs JDK as part of ECE installation/updates and that is the version which Services Server uses. I would suggest not to uninstall any JDK without understanding the impact. As for ECE, it is using the one which is configured in ECE configuration file.

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I asked customer to check ece_config.js file on Services server and they said the file does not exist.

I have searched on the services server for the file that Mo had mentioned, and it does not exist there.
*I see it mentioned in the Enterprise Chat and Email Installation and Configuration Guide but in reference to the Web server(s). *

Is there any way to determine if Oracle Java is needed on the Services server where it is currently installed without just uninstalling and seeing if it breaks anything?