Sorting the My Work Page

Unlock the Full Potential of Your My Work List!

Here at eGain, we’re all about empowering our users to optimize their workflow. That’s why we’re excited to share a neat little trick that you might not be aware of – sorting your My Work list! :rocket:

By default, your My Work list neatly organizes items alphabetically by the Name of the Article or Suggestion. But did you know you can take control and tailor the sorting to your specific needs? It’s super easy!

Simply click the ‘Name’ (or whichever sorting option is currently selected) and behold a menu of sorting options unfurl before you. One particularly popular choice among our users is sorting by ‘Time Spent in Current Stage’. Let’s dive into that a bit deeper, shall we?

Sorting by ‘Time Spent in Current Stage’ is like having a personal assistant organizing your tasks based on urgency. Need to tackle the oldest tasks first? This option has got you covered. But wait, there’s more! It’s also perfect for spotting those freshly submitted articles or suggestions awaiting review.

Now, here’s the kicker – you’re not stuck with just one direction of sorting. Nope, you can flip the script with a simple click! See that little arrow next to the sorting name? Click it to toggle between ascending and descending orders.

Ascending (Arrow Pointing Up) = From Smallest to Largest

For instance, if you’re sorting by ‘Time Spent in Current Stage’ and the arrow is pointing up, you’ll see items that have spent the least time in that stage right at the top.

Descending (Arrow Pointing Down) = From Largest to Smallest

Conversely, if you opt for descending order, you’ll have those items that have been marinating in a particular stage for the longest time taking the spotlight.

But wait, there’s more! Even after expanding your list for a comprehensive view, you’re not deprived of sorting prowess. You can still click on the headers to sort your expanded list to your heart’s content!

To expand your list, simply hit the Toggle View button in the top right corner of the list.

From there, the power is in your clicks. Choose the header that aligns with your sorting preferences, and voila!

We’re all about enhancing your eGain experience, but we want to hear from you, too!
Were you already in the know about sorting your My Work List? If so, how do you typically sort it? Your feedback helps us continue to refine and improve your user experience. Let’s make your workflow smoother together! :star2: