Generate list of Departments Shared articles

Hi, is it any way to generate an list of all available articles in one Department?
Would be nice to be able to display and review this for each responsible Author.

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Depending on which versions of the Analytics Hub and Knowledge Hub that you are using, there are reports which can list articles in various contexts:

  • Articles that have been created, published or republished in a time period (e.g. the last year)
  • Articles that have been viewed in a time period
  • Articles that have not been viewed in a time period
  • Articles that will expire in the next 30 days
  • Articles that are currently being processed in a workflow

However, there is not a single report that is designed to churn out a “master list” of all articles in existence. We will take this idea on board and consider it as a potential enhancement for a future release.

In the meantime, I think the nearest fit for your purposes would be to report all articles that were viewed in the last year and all articles that were not viewed in the last year, and then combine the two reports into a single list in Excel. However, the latter report does not show who the owner of the article is. I can send you detailed steps if you wish to proceed with this approach.


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Hi, thanx for answer. Really do hope it will be considered. It would be a good way to display for Authors the volume and possible help them evaluate and improve.