How to Export Knowledge Articles from a case base in Excel or human-readable format?

Hi there - I am trying to export the knowledge articles that are used in a case base instead of having to manually copy and paste into an Excel spreadsheet.

Is there a way to export the knowledge articles from a guided-help case base all at once in a human-readable format?

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Hi Jennifer, the expert has some questions to better understand your requirement.

He wants you to know that a case base export will copy the entire case base, including the articles, into an XML file. Unfortunately, there is no way to export individual articles, whether they are used in a case base or not, to any file format.

Can you tell us a few things so that we can understand your requirement? What exactly do you expect the exported file to look like? Do you want an article to appear in one row of the Excel file with each column being a different attribute of the article? Please confirm.

Will a Word or PDF work as well for your need? About the article content - would you expect the content to be formatted as it would appear in the portal or as an HTML? Thanks!

Hi Shalini,

I actually was able to find an appropriate solution.

When I select ‘Solution Articles’ from the folder ‘Content’ inside of the Knowledge Base, there is a button at the top of the Tree Pane that says ‘Print Preview’. This button prints out every knowledge article including the content, name, and folder it exists in.

I was able to export in the form of a PDF or Excel and this worked perfect!!

Hope this is helpful for anyone who needs a similar solution.

Thank you Shalini,

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That’s good to know, Jennifer!