Write Once Publish Everywhere

Do you have an article that needs to be used in multiple places? Are you worried about the tedious task of creating the same article multiple times? With eGain, you can easily use the same article at different locations. You can do so by controlling the layout of the portal through Topics.
You can use topics to define which parts of your knowledge base will be published on the portal. You can assign the same article to multiple topics for publishing on the portal. For example, if you have an article describing customer support services offered by the company, you can add it to all the topics you create for the portal. This way, the same article can be published in multiple places.
Topics typically mirror the folder structure of your knowledge base. If you want to use an article at multiple places, then you need to create a Topic manually and add the article to that topic.
To do so, open Topics from the Publishing section and click the New button. Provide the required details on the Create Topic page and save the topic.
The articles tab becomes visible after saving the topic. Navigate to that tab and add the articles relevant to the Topic. Click Done once you have added the articles.


Similarly, you can add the same article to multiple topics, saving time and effort.
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