What is the source of data used for generating article?

When we use the prompt (Assist GPT) to write the article. What data source does it uses to generate the content? is it generating based on what content is available in customer’s knowledge base or it take outside knowledge as well. e.g We ask to write the content for “How to calculate the deposit” instead of just generating the content using our Knowledge it generated content related to banking which was not relevant our business.

The “Write a New Article” prompt is the only AssistGPT prompt where it gets its information from the model, itself, and not from the knowledge base or anywhere else. The model has been trained on information from the internet. The information is dated based on when the model was trained. The “Write a New Article” prompt is designed to create a generic article based on your Subject of the article and Key Points for the article. The GenAI will then use the information in the model to create the first draft of a generic article. It will not know anything specific about any one company’s processes or information. It also does not go out to the internet real-time to get the most current information.

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