Day & Interval Filtering

Did you know that with the Day & Interval Filter feature, you can customize reports to focus solely on particular days of the week or time spans within a specified date range? This means that you can create reports for timeframes like “Last Month,” “Mondays to Fridays,” or “9 AM to 5 PM.”

You may wonder how this benefits your report-building process. Here are three key points to consider:

  • Enhanced Precision: Filters out irrelevant dates and intervals, ensuring focused and concise reports.
  • Streamlined Reporting: Simplifies reporting on business hours, peak times, and shifts, offering valuable insights without clutter.
  • Improved Forecasting: Enhances volume forecasting accuracy by enabling analysis of historical data with specific interval combinations, supporting informed decision-making.

Using this feature is easier than you might expect, involving just two additional steps during report creation and execution.

  • In Step 2 of building a report, you must select one or more of the following filters in addition to all the attributes you wish to report on: Hour of Day, Half Hour of Day, or Weekday. This action adds a separate column to your report, presenting data based on the chosen filter. For example, to analyze busy hours for chat activity, you can opt for the Hour of Day filter to view the report broken down by each working hour, identifying peak traffic times.

  • While running a report, the selected filters are accessible within the Report Parameters section. Here, you can precisely specify the Hour of Day, Half hour of Day, or Weekdays for filtering and viewing the report. To see how to do it, watch the attached video.


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