Streamlining Reports into Summary Views

Building and viewing reports catered to your requirements has never been easier. The “Hide Group” feature allows you to streamline intricate reports with multi-dimensional data into summary views. Check the Hide Group option for the selected group within the Group ordering section.

This option is available for time intervals, parameter dimensions, and filter dimensions. You might be curious about how hiding a particular group can effectively filter a report based on that hidden dimension. Check out this example to get a better idea:

You have built a “Portal Performance - Monthly” report that captures the Article Views, Article Rated Count, Searches, and Search Access for two portals across three months.

To better see each month’s portal performance, navigate to Step 3 of building the report, select the Portal group, and check the Hide Group option.


Now, the report is parameterized based on portals presenting you with a monthly summary view of the report with just three rows. This means that you can view the total article views, searches and so on that were performed each month collectively for both the portals.

Alternatively, if you opt to group your report by month and select the Hide Group option for it, upon running the report, a summary organized by portals can be viewed. This condensed view features two rows delineating the total values of Article Rated Count, Search Access, and other metrics across the two portals for the specified three-month period.

You can see how easy it is to condense complicated reports with myriad rows into smaller more concise reports with fewer rows.

This small feature brings a great deal of clarity to your reports and can save you time! We hope you enjoyed reading about this feature. Please shoot your questions in the forum and we will be happy to answer them.