Edit Article Source (HTML) r21

As an Admin I can’t seem to edit the source code of articles. Every group I’m in is supposed to have the permission that would allow editing the html of articles, but the permissoin is blank e.g. not marked as “explicit” and it is not clear how to “grant” the permission to myself or a group.

Is this a known issue? I’m authenticating with localLogin=true ?

My main concern is the ability to edit the source code (html) of articles.


Tom, which version of R21 is this? In one of the versions, the source tab has been disabled. It will be enabled in a later hotfix.

Version 21.6.3 build 211668

Yes, the source tab is disabled in 21.6.3 because of a bug that got introduced in a hotfix. It has been resolved and will be added back in 21.7.0

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