eGain 21 Webinar Series, starting Sep 8, 2021

Our knowledge management and digital engagement capabilities are consistently rated #1 by Gartner and Forrester. And now we have made them even better.

eGain 21, our upcoming release, is packed with new features, improved security, and richer APIs. The suite capabilities are organized in three simple hubs and a platform:

  • Knowledge Hub
  • Conversation Hub
  • Analytics Hub
  • Composable Experience Platform

Learn more about eGain 21 in a webinar series (one for each hub and platform), supported by a panel of our product managers and software architects to answer your questions in real-time.

i) Wednesday, September 08 | 8.30 am PDT
eGain Knowledge Hub™: The Best Knowledge Solution Just Got Better!

ii) Wednesday, September 22 | 8.30 am PDT
eGain Conversation Hub™: From Siloed Mess to Unified Harmony

iii) Tuesday, October 05 | 8.30 am PDT
eGain Analytics Hub™: Orchestrate Customer Journeys and Contact Center Operations

iv) Wednesday, October 20 | 8.30 am PDT
eGain Composable Experience Platform™: Connect, Solve, Optimize

You just register once to attend all the webinars and at the end of each webinar, we will hold a raffle to give away e-coupons ($25) for 25 attendees so you can celebrate with us!


I hope you managed to join the 3 webinars we have had till now. The 4th and last one, on Composable Experience Platform, is on the 20th at 8.30 am PDT. If you didn’t know and hadn’t registered, you can still do so. Sign up at eGain 21 Webinar Series | eGain Event and catch the last webinar of the eGain 21 launch series.

The recordings are also available on Econet and on our website at Best Practice Webinars on Knowledge-Powered Digital CX | eGain