Guided help - is there an easy way within eGain to create an advanced/novice version of a case base?

I’m creating a guided help flow and think it would be beneficial to have a novice and advanced version.
The guided help is for a call centre process so novice would be new starters to the business and advanced would be intended for tenured agents.

I’m wondering if there is an easy way to do this in eGain when building it all out that doesn’t require you to build out the two separate versions?

Hope this makes sense!

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You can leverage guided help profiles to achieve it. You have to create two different guided help profiles for your users and casebase i.e. novice and advance. Use mutually exclusive codes i.e. channel, expertise and location in your guided help profiles. Use these guided help profiles in casebase. You can use different profiles in cases to show different flows and solutions.

Please refer below steps to create a new profile:

  1. In the Administration tree, browse to Departments >Department_Name > Personalization > Guided Help Profiles > Guided Help Profiles.
  2. In the List pane toolbar, click the New button.
  3. In the Properties pane on the General tab provide the following information:
    Name: Type a name of the profile.
    Description: Type a brief description.
  4. Next go to the Options tab:
    a. In the Channels section, from the available channels add the channels in the selected channels list.
    b. In the Expertise section, from the available Expertise add the Expertise in the selected expertise list.
    c. In the Locations section, from the available locations add the locations in the selected locations list.
  5. Click the Relationships tab. In this tab you can assign the profile to users and user groups.
  6. Click the Save button