Starting Chats with Guided Help

Hello eGain Community,

Please kindly clarify if it’s possible to use guided help to initiate chats?

Will appreciate your feedback soonest.


Hi Ose, can you provide some more detail so that we can provide a more definite answer specific to your use case?

Guided help from my understanding is more like questions and answers, guiding the user to better understand his / her query. My Question is, extending that function to initiate a chat. When a customer clicks on the chat icon, the guided help will interact first with the customer before extending the chat to an Agent. I understand you use VA. But will like to know if Guided help can function in the capacity that was just explained.

Ose, the expert confirmed that this is possible to do, but requires customizing the chat templates to support it. You will need to author the case bases and customize the chat template to use the pre-chat survey defined in the case base rather than the static one defined in the chat templates.