Can additional variable passed to WSS session for using in Guided Help?

One of customer has lot of customer care numbers. Right contact number for a user can be identified based on user type. They do not want to show 100+ contact numbers for users to figure it out themselves. Is it possible to pass merchant_type or some new variable to WSS session or guided help session article, so that that value of of merchant_type can be used to auto answer some questions in Guided help and show the right contact number to the end user? Like in Virtual Assistant, when GH session is created, there is flexibility to add wsscustomdata where additional variable data/value pair can be sent and it can be used in Guided help session to preanswer some questions. Can same be done in unauthenticated WSS session? If yes can it be done out of box or need customization?

Variables can be passed into WSS Guided Help, by using a key-value pair in the URL. The key becomes a session variable, which can be used with a data link article to auto-answer a question. I don’t know if you have to access the Guided Help, directly, using the URL, or if you can pass it into the entire WSS session, and then it gets passed automatically into the GH. Additionally, you might (I’m not sure) be able to use a macro in a GH Session article to pass in the key-value pair. I have not tried that yet. Feel free to contact me for more information.

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