How are Pick and Pull Activities Different

So, what’s the difference between “pick and pull” activities?

Well, even though we can set things up to automatically assign activities, agents sometimes can choose to work on specific activities when needed by using Pick and Pull options.

Users often mix up the terms “Pick” and “Pull”. Let’s clear that up today.

“Picking” an activity simply means selecting a specific one. But, as an agent, users need certain permissions and actions to do this. On the other hand, “Pulling” an activity involves fetching email activities based on the criteria set up while configuring pull options. These criteria could include factors like due dates, priority levels, or whether the activity is new or old. Users can also specify the queue from which the activity is pulled and the number of activities to be pulled at a time.

There are two main ways to pick an activity:
o Choose from users and queues you’re allowed to pull from.
o Search for a specific activity and hit the Pick button upon finding it in the search results.

But there are a couple of things to keep in mind:
o If a supervisor rejects an activity, users can only pick it up if they have a Supervisor or Administrator role. Otherwise, agents need to be assigned the “Pick Rejected Activity” action.
o Users can’t pick activities that are already in progress, even with the right permissions.

Regardless of whether a user wishes to pick or pull an activity, they still need the “Pull Activities” action assigned.