Share Your Ideas for New AssistGPT Use Cases

Hi Everyone! We’d like to get some feedback from the community on any new use-cases that AssistGPT can be useful in your workflow. What are the most useful and impactful use cases for AssistGPT that you’d love to see? Explain how the use-case can be useful in transforming your work and productivity.

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One impactful use-case for AssistGPT would be its ability to read and analyze a document, then create content based on a specific template format when provided with a topic. Often, I find myself needing to adapt content from various sources to fit predefined templates. This process can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

If AssistGPT could streamline this by extracting relevant information from a source document and organizing it into the desired template structure, it would significantly enhance productivity. This feature would ensure consistency and accuracy, allowing users to focus more on refining and polishing the content rather than spending time on formatting and structural adjustments

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One useful way to use-case of AssistGPT would be taking advantage of its ability to help categorize and format information. Often I see knowledge bases get overloaded with too many articles in one topic folder, duplicate articles in different folders, too many folders or folders containing irrelevant content.

If AssistGPT could periodically review like a knowledge base health report and give suggestion for articles and folders tree structure and organization changes. It would be incredibly helpful in keeping knowledge bases tidy, cohesive, and easy to navigate.