Change From Address in Email Workflow

Hello support team

We intend to use a defined email address in the workflow for Auto Acknowledgement different from the used Alias. Please how can we achieve this? Will really appreciate your feedback soonest. Thanks.

Hi Team,

Currently we do not have any functionality to use any other alias in workflow for auto acknowledgement as well as auto replies.
Auto-acknowledgement will always be sent from alias to which customer sends an email. We don’t have any setting as of now which can make this configurable.

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Hello Ankit,

Thanks for your mail. That’s exactly what we actually expect. To give a little overview of the structure setup in eGain.

Auto forwarding was done from to and was setup in eGain workflow and retriever. This is because eGain retrieves content and deletes it from the source and Customers are not comfortable with that.

Use Case

A Customer sends an email to, it is auto forwarded to, eGain retrieves it and auto Acknowledgement is sent to customer from, what is expected is

Kindly advice.

Hi Ose,

In order to look into this use case we need few details:

  1. How auto-forwarding was done, could you please share the details of workflows that were created for this use case(Start Node---->Connecting Node---->End Node, etc…)
  2. The Mail was auto-forwarded to the same department alias or other department alias?