Federated Search


Can you please describe how we can create a federated search on eGain 21. When an agent searches the knowledge base or clicks the solve button, we will like search results from an external website to be included in the results.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Hello, please see below response from the expert.

If the external website is public, we use the Google Search API to return results from that website, but you need a Google user account that allows the volume of searches that will be performed per month. There is a charge associated with the Google user account.

If the external website is private, we have a solution, but no customer is using it. This solution involves using a crawler to periodically crawl and index the private website, and the index is stored in a Solr server in our cloud that is used for the federated search. The tricky bit is allowing the crawler to crawl the private website, which requires a secure connection between our data center and the customer’s.