Is it possible to embed articles externally (on a login page, for example)?

There would be less than 5 articles that would be embedded on the portal login page.
All of the other content in the portals would be restricted. It’s just this shared login page that’s universal.

The login page serves two different groups. They want to know if there is a way to embed articles for login assistance without granting users access to the larger KBs - users can potentially get incorrect information from the larger sites depending on what group they fall into. They know that another portal could be created, but are trying to see if there is an alternative solution before they go that route.

These groups do not use access tags unfortunately. The portals in question are external facing and do not have Access Tags assigned. They know that they could do this with their internal portals with access tags – but they aren’t sure what to do for external – outside of creating a new portal with only these articles in it.

They are hoping that there is a more elegant solution, is there such solution outside of creating a new portal?

Response from expert:

Yes, this is doable via customization, assuming the articles to be inserted are behind anonymous access (pre-login, that don’t require authenticated access).