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Hello all,

I’m currently working with a client who requires a tailored solution in eGain 21. They need to embed unique survey links, assigned through a third-party application, into each email agent’s signature. This will enable customers to access the links easily in every email response. The survey links already exist for each agent outside of eGain, we just need to include it in their email responses. The links are static and not going to change for each agent.
I’d appreciate guidance on the best approach to implement this requirement successfully

Hi there,

There are a couple of ways to implement this.

  1. You can create a custom attribute in the User Data object and populate the attribute with each user’s personal URL. Then, you can create a macro that points to that attribute and put the macro in the signature or footer of the emails.
  2. If the external repository of survey links has an API, you can create a data adapter to call the API and retrieve the URL. The Usage adapter can input the user’s ID or name or email. The Usage Adapter can also be associated with a macro name, which would be placed into the signature or footer of the emails.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for your suggestions. We were able to implement the first option and it works. Thanks for the help.

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