Accessing Historical Data

Hello eGain Support Team,

Trust you are good and keeping safe. We are writing to kindly enquire on how we can access actual attachment files when spooling historical data from the DB using sql script.

Hi Patrick, can you elaborate on your requirement? What are you actually trying to achieve? Thanks.

Hello Shalini,

Our client has requested for access to historical data including attachment. We’ve been able to provide an SQL Script that satisfies their requested data fields except attachments. The script is meant to query their internal database On-Premise from their cloud environment using a datalink through VPN Setup.

We couldn’t make provision for attachment using the SQL Script, hence our quest. We will like to know how we can access attached files in the database so we can include it to the script.

Hi Patrick, I spoke with the DB expert and he says that this needs a number of follow up questions before they can deduce the resolution. He suggests that you contact Tech Support. They will do all the follow up and exploration - the products deployed, functionalities, etc. - and then tell you how to get it done. Thanks.