eGain compatible to JAWS “a screen reading tool for the blind

One of our customer is on version 21.16.4 and they would want to know if our products are compatible to JAWS a screen reading tool for the blind.

Hi Juhi, yes, our product is compatible to JAWS screen reading tool. Please find below Accessibility details.

Thank you Varun. Customer has some follow-up questions. Please see below:

  1. Will they need additional licenses?
  2. Will it be cost-effective?
  3. Do they need to be on any specific version?

Hi Juhi, please see below response from expert:

  1. If they need JAWS they will need to purchase licenses to use the software: Software for Business – Freedom Scientific eStore
  2. This is a business specific question since it depends on their needs and budget.
  3. eGain has tested (JAWS v 2023.2303.144) so I recommend going with that version